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When playing with pool tables with via friends or competitions, you will notice each player has a different stance although they all come from the same basic structure or where to place your feet, arms and hands no matter what age, height or weight.

The first thing to do when creating your stance is where to place your feet. Unless your feet are steady, you will not have a steady hand when playing your shot. As with many sports, it is vital you do not place your feet to far apart but also not to close together. It needs to feel comfortable no matter what types of pool tables you maybe playing at either at home, pub or any other scenario.

Any player at a pool table has their centre of gravity change when learning over the table. The player may need to readjust their feet to compensate for this. If not, your cue action will be far inferior than if you move your feet to a comfortable width apart. The hand being used as the bridge is not for leaning on the table so there should be very little pressure of weight felt upon this hand. Your overall weight should be distributed when positioning your cue and that you are not to close to a pool tables leg and also making sure both feet are on the ground.

When playing your shot and lining up the cue ball, there maybe times when your body needs to be more flexible. This can also be affected due to the placement of the pool balls. You can easily compensate for this by bending the front knee which allows you to bend your hips closer to the table.

The bridge arm which is resting on the pool tables material is usually almost straight. Not elbow locked but slightly bent at the elbow instead and away from the players body. When your stand is correct, it means you are in a kind of triangle stance when ready to take your shot after using the bridge hand to line up the cue to the cue ball.

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