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Pool Tables

Pool Tables and their lighting is one of the most important areas to look into when situating a table in your home, pub or anywhere with the game being played in poor lighting. Pool Table lights can be installed to shine down onto the table giving increased visibility when in a dark room.


When looking to buy lighting for your pool tables, make sure it will cover the whole table surface and not cut off at the corners. It should reduce or at best, eliminate any shadows on the balls, cushions and table as a whole. You will require a pool table light which is between the sizes of 40 and 60 inches in length depending on how long your pool table is.

There are many types of lights for pool tables such as Ram Gameroom Classic Lights or Ram Gameroom Leather lighting. If your pool table is going to be used by children it would be best to have an unbreakable light such as a Ram Gameroom All Metallic Pool Tables light. Some Pool table lights let light shine onto the table but allow light to overflow off of the table. This can be beneficial if your room is very dark.

Bar lighting can be produced with a Pendant lamp. If you are using over bar lighting then a software bulb or weaker bulb would be best. A dimmer switch would also be good so you can adjust the amount of lighting required.

Pendant lights can be used to light up pool tables or have general use such as being used as a reading lamp. When looking into lighting for your pool table, make sure it will not interfere with anything else going on in the room your have placed any pool tables as some lighting can be very bright if not planned well.

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