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Pool Tables

This article focuses on pool tables for children between the ages or 4 and 8 as seeing a pool table for the first time usually gives off a huge smile on a children’s faces.


Short cues for children are available in many different lengths which can be as short as 30 inches. An example being the Players Baby Series BCC-12 Pool Cue. If you have given your children their own cue, then you will find a sense of ownership over their own pool cue. You can buy many kids pool tables which are ideal if you do not have much space in your home. Children usually find handling a cue to take a shot for the first time quite tricky. As long as they are not using it as a cricket bat, just let them get on with it and experiment for a few moments. When showing your children how to use a pool cue, let them stand on a bench or stool so they can see what you are doing.

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bce riley pool table

When teaching children how to take shots on pool tables with their new cue, the main goal is to get them to produce the bridge hand on the table. Then get them to hold the rear of the cue in the correct place. Then get them to move the cue over the bridge of the hand to take a few practise movements.

The back hand should be positioned on the rear of the cue so that they are not reaching back behind their elbow to far. Also, they are not to far forward as to obstruct their ability to move the cue a few inches past the ball they are hitting.

Their first game using pool tables

A good idea is to setup 15 balls around the edge of pool tables so they are near the pockets of the pool table but far enough away that they can hit them without the cushions getting in the way. Get them to shoot each of the pool tables balls into the pocket without using the white cue ball. You are aiming to get them to hit the ball in the centre. Whatever you do, make sure they win so remove the ball of the table once they have hit it. This helps with their confidence and learning.

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bce pool table

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