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Pool Tables

Pool Tables are usually made from a rectangular surface consisting of a wooden base and rubber cushions with 6 pockets around the edge of the pool table. As most of us have seen many pool tables, we taken for granted their history on how they came about

The game of pool is thought to have come from France in the 1600’s. After that though, the story becomes a little clouded. Actual Pool Tables have been traced back to England in the early 1800’s. Many believe it was first thought of by taking the garden game of croquet and lifting it off the ground. Due to balls rolling off the table, they introduced pockets which is how we see the game now Originally, the pockets were first just wooden boards to stop the pool balls rolling off the table. This is when the woollen table cloth was introduced and the rubber cushions and since then, the pool table has not changed much at all since the year of 1845

There are several different ways pool tables are constructed, being six legs, four legs, eight legs and lengths such as a 7 foot, 8 foot or even 10 foot which was severeal years ago. The higher quality tables use slate as the pool tables surface but cheaper ones can use fibreboard or similar materials.

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bce riley pool table

How to choose Pool Tables

When look at buying pool tables, there are two important factors to take into consideration.

What materials have been used to construct the pool table is the first. The best material is 100% solid hardwood, no wood veneers, processed particle board, laminates or other artificial materials anywhere in the table. The slate should be at least an inch thick. If the slate is under 1 inch thick then the table can be unstable and risk being damaged if being moved or bumped into. The finish to these slate pool tables is very important to, with polished varnishes or rubbed oil being the best. Cheap polyurethane tends to give off a cloudy finish over time.

How the pool tables are constructed

 Each manufacturer will advise that their construction is superior to other manufactures but each have pros and cons. When look at pool table construction, have a look at the dado joints in the base of the slate bed pool table. These give more strength than normal screws and brackets so giving the pool table much more stability. At the centre of the beam should be hard wood cross members on a slate bed pool table. Pool tables which have been made with a cheap design can easily be detected by bumping into them slightly. If it moves or vibrates then this will only get worse over time so buying a quality slate bed pool table is recommended.

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bce pool table

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